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Call me horney but I can't get enough of the girls, and joined SS and xxxmatch. I like them both. I found that the gals on SS are a bit more sophisticated, and the kind of girls who you can take on a date, go on a walk, romantic dinner etc. More of the girls on XM are into no BS sex. 

They want to hook up with a guy, and ride the schlong right away. If you expect to keep the girls on the hook, you need to be good in bed.

I made that mistake, at XM, at first. I was a novice as far as giving a girl pleasure. I rarely hooked up with the same girl again!

That's fine, but a couple of the girls were erally attractive! I wanted to date them again, but they would not return my messages!

So after about the fifth date, I started asking the girls, what do you like a guy to do to you? Let's just say I learned where the G-Spot is and how to lick pussy properly. The first time I gave a girl the big O, gallons of pussy juice were leaking down my chin, and she grabbed my head and rammed my face into her c*nt. I had a hard time breathing!!

Now I have five super hot young babes, who I date regularly, just for HOT NASTY SEX! The gals have told me, I am fantastic at licking pussy. XM is great for straight up sex, but ask the girls what they like, you will get more dates!!



thanks dude, I am going to try ur suggestions. honestly im shy guy and not experience at sex. i had only one girlfriend b4. aware me on more tips. i send u pm on ur xxxmatch profile not gay r nythin



I have been on xxxmatch  for 1 year now.. I have met and slept we 2 nice looking gals off there... I was married and one single... When I first joined I got no responses... There are several keys to meeting people... First, this website is like real life, the women are trying to meet hot guys... If your profile and pics suck, like in real life u will get passed up.. There are vastly more men on xxxmatch to women, so they have a lot of options, so why pick u if ur profile blows?... Secondly, you will have a better shot meeting women out of your home state, hence if u can travel u can score easily.... A lot of the women are married and want to be discreet

hawaii5o for me since i joined sexsearch i have met about 6 women of there....and had great sex...some which is still ongoing.....I must also mention that, i got these emails mentioned.......none of which was one of the girls i met. After joining and if u serious about hook up and put in some a man should really do .....trustt me it is worth it.


I joined sexsearch becuase the guys in my small town r such loser. I met a realy nice older man, whos only two hours out of my city. He is so kind, and brings mesmall gifts each tim we meet. He teaches me fun stuff about making love. Many things are new. Like he wants to have backdoor sex with me. I'm not so sure. He places one finger in my bum, when we have lovemaking. I feeling real good, but not sure about his manhood in my bum.

I also think he is marries. Is that bad? I don't too much care, but wonder? Also he is 50 and I am 19.


I joined this site today. I got hooked up with a girl in 4 hours and banged her that night. I am in a large city, so maybe makes a difference. She was great and had a pussy like a rock crusher!


I've been on sexsearch for three 1/2 weeks. I was able to get three very good hook-ups. I must have absolute discretion, and I'm getting that. This weekend, I fly to LA. I'm going to try and hook-up there too!

Creating A Successful Online Dating Profile That Gets Results
The First Girls Who Respond To Your Profile Are Likely Real People
Choosing Online Dating Profile Pictures That Get Responses
Conversations Of Infidelity
Meeting Up For The First Time With Casual Sex In Mind
How To Have A Discreet Sexual Encounter
When You Hook-Up Make Sure That You Use Protection


SS worked for me. ive met 3 guys off that site. and im a real femaile. dancinggirl on sexsearch 


I'll completely agree that site does have some spam/scam artists on it but to be honest I used the site back in June when I was out town on an assignment for a couple months and the site itself had some pretty good women on it. Granted it does take a little leg work to get the girls and a certain amount of good looks (Read: you don't have to have Fabio like looks but I was in the best shape of my life at the time and it showed) but I definitely say the site was a success. I hooked up with 5 women off this site in the span of a month and a half (3 were smoking hot 1 was alright and yeah one had a good body.


I joined sexsearch this month, but I have been too nervous to actually meet the girls in person. I am a bit chubby, but I put that I would be "your loving teddy bear" in my profile. I received two really good contacts, and even spoke on the phone with each of the girls.

I am also shy and a virgin. I am nervous about meeting these girls in case that they find out I am a virgin. What Should I do?


Just go slow. You need to meet them, and get your confidence up. Be honest. you'll be surprised how much women love honesty!


Lots of kissing and cuddling. Girls like teddy bears! I do! The girls might also be shy, and be virgins too! Did you ever consider that?


Your advise was exactly right. I was honest, and told the girl, that I was a virgin. we met this weekend. I was very nervous. I even lost my erection twice. She was so patient with me. We eventually made love. I am a bigger guy, so she mounted me from on top. we had actual intercourse for almost fifteen minutes (Is that a long time?) and when I ejaculated, she held her vagina on top of my penis. I saw stars in my head. It was so amazing! There was so much cum leaking out of her vagina. Is that normal? Isn't it supposed to stay inside of her?


You did great. It sounds like you kids had a wonderful love making session! It is normal for the cum, to come out like that.


sounds like you fucked her good fifteen minutes is good for your first time. 


Congratulations. Making love is amazing. Have a good time with your new girl friends!


Way to go STUD!


I have been a member of sex search for almost 3 years. In law enforcement, I could never be caught with a hooker. I'd lose my job or be suspended. Some constables do get caught. I am in a sexless marriage. We have kids, so I don't want to leave her. It would be damaging to the family. It was about 4 months before I started meeting girls. Some time I think it takes time, for the real girls to trust you are not BSing, especially since I put that I was a cop in my profile. 

I have found a very discreet and beautiful woman, right in my home town, who I meet for lunch once a week, in a hotel. We have amazing sex, and then each of us goes back to our familes.


I first tried Sexsearch and actually met some females. Even had sex with a few! But, the females turned out to be mentally unstable. Many of the female profiles were obviously fake, but the real profiles seemed to be usually of older females who can't find a male (or female) any other way....because they have serious "issues."

I took advise from the Secret Directory posts, and revamped my profile. I played with my settings and what I am looking for also. After another month BINGO I hit four great girls ranging in age from 19 to 23. I don't know where they were hiding all this time. I bang two of them during the week and the other two on the weekend. I hope my pecker can keep up!


Care to share? ;-)


No thanks! I am meeting this blond gal, who works at Mcd's down from my work. Her pussy is so damn tight, that I barely last three minutes, before I cum. I almost thought I had a premature ejaculation issue, but she said most of the guys, she has been with cum inside her instantly! I guess three minutes is long time, with her, and she doesn't seem to mind!


I was a member of Sex Search a few years back, until I met my current girlfriend.
I really enjoyed the experience, as I met two hot and horny felines, who both traveled to my city specifically for one reason. A quick drink and we were down for real fun.

Nothing lasted, as things get complicated.

Of course, the site does have crap on it, like the usual business minded ladies, and some obviously fake emails to entice new members.

But, that doesn't take me away from the fact that I had really fun experiences.



I am a woman on the site and I respond to as many people as I can. I get so many emails from men that I don't have time to respond to them all but I try.

I have already gone out with a wonderful man from the site and have MSN messages and friends from others.

Anyway, good luck



I'm a woman and have been on for close to a year. I have great luck. I've met a number of men and I now see 3 of them on a fairly regular basis. Ranging in age from 39 to 66. All great guys with a great appetite for sex! If I wanted I could get laid everyday of the week.!! That's not because I'm some young woman with a great bod. I'm 55 and my bod is now where near perfect anymore.
Everytime I'm on the site I'm deluged with guys wanting to talk to me. I don't believe I've run into a fake one on there yet. 
But there are guys I've talked to who say many of the women's profiles are fake or they are escorts.
Anyway, just putting in my two cents. It's been great fun for me!!! 


I am a member for 9 mos. When I go for vacation I use SS to meet girls in Cancun too. I have very regular sex through SS. If you have real good accurate picture. You need to talk very nice to girls also. Some spam for me, not much. I find girls are very horny in SS after joining. Will keep joining until when I am married. Maybe not! ;-)


I like SS  a lot! For sure do a good profile, take some time to describe yourself. Women love to read about you, something nice. Tell them that you are caring or something like that. It took me a couple months to meet someone good. Plus I am in a smaller township, so not too many people are close. Biggest problem I had, was I wanted to get a girl who would deep throat my cock. Yes it's really 8 inches! I think when I put that in my profile, it scared some girls off. Lots of them will suck cock, but not an 8 incher! It scares them if they think you want to ram it down their throat. when I changed my profile to something nice, I met this girl I am with now. She is only one hour away from my town. She cannot deep throat my cock, but she takes the head ofit in her mouth and I cum really hard all over her face! She is very nice, and cute. I love having sex with her. She seems to really care about me. But I really want to have a girl that can take my cock all the way to the end! I think that she loves me, but I haven't told her I love her back.


You are amazingly stupid. You have found true love from a girl, and are ignoring it, just because she cannot stick a banana down her throat, without choking!


Youare a stupid immature boy. You will not find any girls who can take an 8 inch cock! Get a life!


Most people look years for true love. There are hundreds of people looking to find true love on SS and other dating sites. Why don't you free her, so some other REAL CARING MAN can be with her!


You are all so hostile. What's wrong with wanting your cock sucked properly????

aaa Creating A Successful Online Dating Profile That Gets Results
The First Girls Who Respond To Your Profile Are Likely Real People
Choosing Online Dating Profile Pictures That Get Responses
Conversations Of Infidelity
Meeting Up For The First Time With Casual Sex In Mind
How To Have A Discreet Sexual Encounter
When You Hook-Up Make Sure That You Use Protection

Yes. As a woman I used Sex Search for two years. As with any site you have to have a good attitude and be willing to put time and effort in contacting people and yes there are fake profiles. Anything that looks too good to be true probably is. Please keep in mind that the men out-number the females by ten to one. I am going to repeat the "good attitude" and "time and effort." All the men that I met and hooked up with; didn't assume that I was a fake profile and sent a nice first message-- not a flirt or one line and, had a complete profile themselves, with well-written paragraphs, pictures (body, face as well as equipment) and testimonials which this site has and, were prompt about meeting, calling or video chatting with no run around.


so how many men did you hook up with?


I don't want to sound like a hussy, but I hooked up with 10-12 men each year. I also travel, for my work, so some of the encounters were in different cities.




I haven't been on Sex search for at least 1 year. I let my membership lapse. I used to be regular with one girl, near my small town. She was kind of plain-jane looking, but boy was she every horny. Her pussy used to be so bloody wet. She was a little pudgy too, but those girls really love sex.

Anyway I was real horny this week, so I called up an escort from backpage. What a big wast of time. It cost me three big ones, for one hour, and the sex was unremarkable. She was good looking, but I had to change rubbers twice. It really spoiled the mood. After the third rubber change, I couldn't get it up any more, and ended up trying to jerk off on her tits. The mood was fucking gone, and I didn't even cum. Complete WOT and $!

My advise; stick with a good dating site. Better odds for a regular FREE hookup!


"and I didn't even cum."

Been there, done that, hookers have been a WOT for me too! Plus more chance of STDs


Don't laugh. I signed up for SS and made amistake on the myprofile. I gussI was a little drunk, and put I was lookin fer a guy! I got a message that night. When I opend it up it was aguy sayin he wanted to suck my cock! I wus pretty fucked up nhornyy, and his emal kinda made me even hornier! Wut the fuk, i cud let him suck meoff. So imet him, n hewent down on me,n took my cock rite up to the BALLS. Fukin deep. It was thebest damblowjob i had, n he swallowed ALL MY CUM. Yes ILIKED IT!

I change myprofile to look 4 girl now but dose this mean Im GAY??? I want 2 know??? hE keep email me!


That actually sounds very hot. You probably are not gay, but you might be bisexual!!


Are guys better than girls at blowjobs?


Cum over to my house, and I'll tell u!!!


I was registered on xxXmatch before and i met 3 really dirty older ladies. Who needs the young ones. There was even one older gal that gave me regular rim jobs! I fucking loved it! You gotta go through the profiles carefully. There are some hookers and spam, but there are a lot of real horny sluts there. I advise you to go for the older ones. You don't have to wine and dine them. They just want to fuck!

Older gals don't ave any inhibitions about anal sex either. They love a young stud with a big hard cock, that comes a lot. Put a real pic, with a detailed profile and make sure that you accept invites and contacts from the older ladies. These girls will milk the cum out of your cock, until your balls hurt! I've been a member for about 2+ years.


I've had luck on Sex Search before just not this time. I didn't really put any effort into it, though I was registered on it for 2008 and got laid twice. I recently decided after awhile of being so horny and board that I'd re-register on it but this time I'm way too busy. I just  don't have enough time to respond to everyone so I'm thinking their using email updates. they do have spammers as well but every dating site does have some. I find not as many on there site.


Not much spam for me lately. Been on for only 2 weeks and got laid yesterday


Though most of you have gotten some spam and such, which don't doubt me I have also, I did happen to get laid quite a bit off this site. So you have to sift through the piles of bullshit to find real people, but it's hard. I'm sure the same goes for females as it does males.


Still reading comments and noticed the comment about ****. I actually meet three people in person and spoke to two on the phone. Didn't want to hook-up with any, but that was because of the way they represented themselves. This site is legit

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Creating A Successful Online Dating Profile That Gets Results ] The First Girls Who Respond To Your Profile Are Likely Real People ] Choosing Online Dating Profile Pictures That Get Responses ] Conversations Of Infidelity ] Meeting Up For The First Time With Casual Sex In Mind ] How To Have A Discreet Sexual Encounter ] When You Hook-Up Make Sure That You Use Protection ]

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